Bruges whiskey volume 2 Vino Naranja




Number of bottles per certificate: from 1 bottle
Estimated cost afterwards: 30 euros per bottle
Cask type: Vino Naranja Cask
Age barrel: Aug. 13, 2019
Estimated bottling date: mid-August 2023
Distillery: Bruges whisky company

  • Are sold by the bottle, not by the box
  • Maximum 2 bottles per person
  • Participants who end up owning all 4 volumes will receive the bottles in the gift box.
  • Bottling of all 4 volumes is scheduled for mid-September 2023

The Distillery

Bruges had a very nice trading relationship with Scotland in the 15th century and imported a lot of Scottish wool. It was a thriving trade and this brought Bruges much wealth. There was a neighborhood full of Scottish merchants. In 1467, the Scottish Parliament banned trade with Flanders, and Scottish merchants had to leave Bruges. Anselm Adornes then traveled to Scotland at the head of a diplomatic mission representing Bruges. Negotiations with the King of Scotland and the Scottish Parliament were successful. At the end of the 15th century, Scottish merchants left Bruges and whiskey was no longer distilled until 2019… That’s when Thibaut De Meyer began distilling spirit and maturing it into whiskey.

The Bruges Whisky Company, known for its Rogia and Ryggia brands, is known for its fondness for releasing distillates where “an angle is off” … no barrel is too special to be used for the maturation of their wonderful product.

After intensive contact with Thibaut De Meyer, together with his father Peter, the driving forces behind Brugse Whisky, we were able to pick up a 190L first fill bourbon cask of Brugse Whisky. The spirit was distilled on Aug. 13, 2019 and thus has been allowed to pass as whiskey for several months. We are not going to bottle this bourbon barrel directly but are going to split it into 4 separate finishes that will be offered together in a nice gift box for those who purchased the 4 releases.

Our Brugse Whisky Volume 2 Vino Naranja barrel, like our &e release, was filled with the identical spirit from the Brugse Whisky Company, namely a 3-year-old bourbon matured single malt, distilled in August 2019. The cask was thus bottled just like the first release at 60.9% alc. We expect that this barrel will be ready at the end of next year or the beginning of the following year.

More information will also follow in the coming weeks and months for volumes II, III and IV, the details of which we will obviously withhold from you for a while, but we can already promise you that it will be a spectacular box with 4 exceptional maturities.

The bottles we will bottle will all be 35cl bottles. The reason we do this is multifaceted. First, we have noticed that the bottles of Ryggia and Rogia from the Bruges Whisky Company are in huge demand and often sell out in minutes. In order to give as many of our loyal “Perfect Drammers” the opportunity to purchase these exceptional whiskies, we have decided to work with 35cl bottles and limit sales to 2 bottles per person for the time being. In addition, we also know from experience that a nice 4-bottle gift box looks much nicer and more practical with 35cl bottles than with larger bottles. But the main advantage is that in this way we can keep the purchase price for a bottle (and by extension the entire box) in this way very democratic … in this way you can easily buy a box for the collection and also drink one out … or of course like us you can just drink them all out .


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