Bladnoch Unpeated on 1st fill fresh Hungarian Shiraz barrique 2020



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Number of bottles per certificate: from 2 bottles
Estimated cost afterwards: 25 euros per bottle
Type of barrel: barrique
Barrel age: June 2020
Estimated bottling date: 2026
Distillery: Bladnoch

An unpeated Bladnoch on 1st fill fresh Hungarian Shiraz barrique

And not just any keg because we have a Keg of Bladnoch on Hungarian Shiraz wine barrels from 2020. According to the warehouse manager, it is a very active keg and should be completely AMAZING between four and six years. When our keg is four years old in 2024 you as certificate holders will get an invitation to taste with us, how good is that? Here we can see if the predictions are correct. Our expectation is that we will then taste again in 2026 and then bottle if everyone agrees in accordance with our rules.Bladnoch’s rich history dates back to 1817, when John and Thomas McClelland were first licensed to distill whiskey on their Bladnoch farm in the Scottish Lowlands. For nearly a century, successive generations of the McClelland family have expanded and modernized the distillery. At its peak, the site had six washbacks and an annual production of about 230,000 liters of alcohol, confirming its status as the “Queen of the Low Countries.”Over the next 80 years, Bladnoch Distillery changed severaltimes of ownership and continued to produce fine Lowlands Whisky. In 1956, Bladnoch Distillery Limeted was established and the stills that had been shut down during the war were recommissioned. The stillhouse was expanded to four stills in 1966. More recently, the distillery was owned by Arthur Bell & Sons (which would later become part of Guinness / United Distillers) between 1983 and 1993, a period when distribution of the brand was increased and a visitor center was established. As of 1993, the distillery was privately owned by Raymond and Colin Armstrong. In 2015, Australian entrepreneur David Prior acquired the business from Raymond and Colin Armstrong and began an extensive renovation of the distillery. After 2 years of renovation led by Master Distiller, Ian MacMillan, Bladnoch Distillery resumed production. In 2017, Bladnoch celebrated its 203rd anniversary, making it one of the oldest and one of the largest privately owned Scotch Whisky distilleries. The acclaimed Master Distiller, Dr. Nick Savage, joined the Bladnoch team. Bladnoch launched its state-of-the-art visitor center experience, gift store and Melba Cafe. Bladnoch is celebrating its 204th anniversary this year.

The Finishing Touch;Shiraz are real powerhouses, due to the thick skin shiraz wines contain a lot of tannins, in addition they have a characteristic taste with recognizable aromas. Shiraz from Hungary is fruitier and more elegant than its French brother.

The barrel will be bottled if 70% of the participants agree. At various times during the process, sample bottles from the barrel will be sent to the Netherlands after which each participant will have the opportunity to taste and help decide. The cost of the sample is about 3 euros plus shipping.

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