Mannochmore ex bourbon hogshead 2013



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Number of bottles per certificate: from 2 bottles
Estimated cost afterwards: 20 euro per bottle
Type of keg: ex bourbon hogshead
Age of barrel: 18-02-2013
Estimated bottling date: 2023
Distillery: Mannochmore

The Mannochmore distillery is located in Scotland near Elgin and was founded in 1971 by John Haig & Co. Between ’85 and ’89 the distillery was closed and after reopening in 1992 they started… …the production of Mannochmore Single Malt. They alternated with the staff of the neighbouring Glenlossie distillery; one year one distillery was in operation, the next the other. Since 1998 Mannochmore has been fully and continuously operational again with its own staff. The distillery has two very large warehouses for 200,000 barrels. Our cask is in between and will be moved during the year to our permanent home for tasting.

The profile of Mannochmore is soft and floral and secretly has quite a large group of single malt lovers. The majority of Mannochmore is produced for the blend market and in this case mainly for the Johnny Walker.

Bottling we estimate is possible from 2023 but as usual the participants have their say in that through samples and tasting rounds.


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