Annandale grand cru champagne côte des blancs UNPEATED



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Number of bottles per certificate: from 2 bottles
Estimated cost afterwards: 20 euro per bottle
Type of barrel: ex grand cru champagne
Age of barrel: March 2022
Estimated bottling date: 2032
Distillery: Annandale

Please note this is the UNPeated variant

We were offered 2 grand cru champagne barrels to fill both a peated and an unpeated expression. Immediately from France and filled as soon as possible with the delicious spirit of Annandale.

Champagne cask aged whisky is rare in the whisky world and even more so as grand cru. So 2032 is a year to wait for with great pleasure because that is how long it will remain under the guidance of the distillery team. These casks can be visited by the members and provided with a scribble. One of the finest distilleries in Scotland.

The heart of the Côte des Blancs runs from Epernay to Vertus. The wine villages belong to the highest class Grand Cru. Cuis and Vertus are even Premier Cru. All the major champagne houses are represented in the Côte des Blancs because they seek out the best chardonnays such as Cristal from Roederer, La Grande Année from Bollinger, Amour from Deutz, Clos du Mesnil from Krug or the famous “S” from Salon.

Champagne has aromas of candied citrus, dried pear, dried flowers, chamomile, red plum, mint and toasted almond. So this will be a very fruity whisky.

A Champagne cask has never been offered to us by the winegrowers of this exclusive area. That is why we are going to follow these barrels from new make. We have paid a 10-year deposit with them, but we will determine during maturation whether 10 years is necessary.

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