Game rules at popular barrels

Following the run on popular barrels, we have set up some game rules to give as many participants as possible a chance to compete in the special finds. There are always a limited number of bottles in a barrel and gone is really gone.
1.    A certificate consists of a minimum number of bottles per participant determined by Perfectdram. This is determined based on price and popularity.
2.    From now on, a certificate will also have a maximum number of bottles to give as many participants as possible the chance to participate. This will be announced in advance.
3.    Certificates purchased are in the name of the purchaser.  What happens to the bottles after delivery is up to the certificate holder.
4.    Everyone gets the information at the same time to create an equal opportunity.
5.    Discussion is fine but be reasonable. Perfectdram evaluates regularly, and good, workable ideas are included.

Our approach,

Herewith some more information about our methods.
Thank you for your interest in our concept. We are working hard to get beautiful whisky
for a fair price available for the
lover. We would like to go on an adventure with our members from purchase
cask to bottling the whisky to be involved with our
own product. By regular tasting, we learn to know our own
whisky and see it grow into a full-fledged dram that we
can be proud of. Some barrels of Perfectdram even allow to be
visited and put your signature on the barrel.
Participating is easy and is always transparent and honest. First of all, you need to create an account by registering at’t forget to fill in your details and make the choice if you want to receive our newsletter. When purchasing a certificate, everyone pays a a part to the barrel. This
also include demurrage costs. If we are going to taste a sample it will cost € 3 ex
shipping costs. The participants have priority in this. If we decide
to bottle the whisky ( if 70% agrees) then we’ll take care of
a nice label, payments of costs afterwards (excise, bottling, transportation) and ship the bottles to
the Netherlands. From here we determine how we will do distribution. Cost
of these are for the participants. When we will do all this you will see on the calendar.
Thanks in advance.

Team Perfectdram

Samples and bottles ready to bottle  

The very best thing about participating at Perfectdram are the tasting moments of samples from the barrels and eventually the bottles delivered home with the final result. This is the reward for accumulated patience.
Every year, two times, we take whisky from the barrels that are up for review with the participants. Which barrels are in turn will be determined by Perfectdram. When a whisky is at the end of its maturation period, we can vote whether to proceed to bottling, wait one more year, or leave it until the next tasting which is considered on a barrel-by-barrel basis.
If we proceed with bottling we will inform the participants. On our website, expected samples or bottlings are indicated on the sample and bottle calendar.